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While Alpha Marine, Inc. focuses on shipping all types of goods including household items, personal effects and more, our team also is specialized in shipping automobiles for our clients. Our international car shipping service has been streamlined to help our clients receive a worry-free car shipping experience. From the pickup of your automobile to the ultimate dispatch and final delivery of your vehicle, Alpha Marine, Inc. offers first rate international logistics, timely and cost effective modes of transportation and delivery services. Our team is made up of experienced, knowledgeable car shipping specialists. We know that our customers’ automobiles are some of their most valuable assets and we understand the process of auto transport and ultimately focus our efforts to create the highest level of vehicle shipping services available.

We offer a variety of different modes of transport for your automobile:


Containerized Shipping
A safe way to ship your vehicle overseas is to have it loaded and secured in a container. The vehicle is strapped down tight and secured with wooden blocks around all four wheels to keep it from moving while at sea. One great advantage of this mode of transport is you can load your personal belongings onto the container as well if there is remaining room in the container.  In order to obtain a safer transit, the vehicle’s battery will be disconnected by our professional crew members and the fuel tank will have to be emptied (by client) to less than a quarter of a tank.


Ro-Ro Shipping
Another secure way to have your vehicle shipped overseas is a roll on roll off service where the vehicle is driven into the ship. Major car manufacturers use this method of shipping. The car is rolled on to the ship and then rolled off the ship once it reaches its destination port. Once the car is on the ship, it is secured by straps and braces to keep it from moving. This ensures that while in transit it will not move and remain securely in one place.


Crated Shipping
Alpha Marine, Inc. understands the connection most clients have with their motorcycles and in order to ensure safe transit, we recommend placing it in a wooden crate which is custom built by our professional crew members. The crate will be placed in a container where it will be strapped down to ensure a safer transit to the port of destination.


All shipping methods above require the client to provide Alpha Marine, Inc. with the original title of the vehicle in order to validate it with US Customs before shipping. Automobile & Bikes have to be in a running condition and spare key will have to be placed in the glove compartment.


To request a quote, if you have questions about us, or our services, please call us at 877.513.5428 or please Contact Us.