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To request pricing information on any of our shipping services, or more information about us, please call 877.513.5428.

Alpha Marine, Inc. is an international freight forwarder with the knowledge, experience and comprehensive resources to transport your goods globally. Whether you need to ship personal effects, vehicles or commercial goods, our experienced team provides a step by step process to meet those needs and deliver goods worldwide. Our goal is to make your moving process as pleasant and seamless as possible.

To contact Alpha Marine, Inc. with questions about our services, pricing or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us using a contact method below.


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Toll Free: 877.513.5428
Local Phone: 818.759.4808
Facsimile: 818.503.9319
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Alpha Marine, Inc.
7375 Greenbush Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605



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Alpha Marine, Inc. is bonded and licensed with The Federal Maritime Commission and The Department of Transportation and certified with Trust Link and The Better Business Bureau.