It’s happening: after weeks and months of preparation you’re moving. Whether a job is bringing you to another country, or you are going for leisure, there are some steps to take to prepare to move.

Save as much money as you can

Think about how much money it costs to move across the country. Now, it’s important to think about how much it’ll take to get you across the globe to another country. Consider visa application, plane tickets, international shipments, housing, and emergency costs.

Apply or Renew Your Passport

Before you can apply for a visa in a new country, you have to have a valid passport. In fact, some countries make you have a passport that is valid for atleast 6 months before your final travel date. So, make sure to renew your passport if it’s up for renewal in 6 months or less. And, if you don’t have one, or it’s expired, get a new one right away!


Knowing what you should pack for an international move can be a challenge for anyone. What you should take to a new country tends to be different from what you’d bring with you if you were just moving across town or in the same country. Make sure to think about the essentials, and then hire a company to help you pack your goods.

Find The Right Shipping Company

When you’re moving across the world, you can’t just pack your boxes and put them on an airplane. You’ll need a great shipping company to help you with your international relocation. Alpha Marine Inc. offers services for any type of need. Whether you want to ship your goods door to door, from your door to the port, or from port to port, and port to door, call Alpha Marine Inc. (877) 513-5428 to find out how we can help.