If you’ve moved before then you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is the best way to pack my household items?” It may seem like a basic idea, but it’s a major component of any relocation if you’re packing yourself.

How to Pack Household Goods Safely for Your Move Overseas

The following are some of the basic materials Alpha Marine Inc. helps put together for household packing:

  • Always insist on using strong boxes to pack the fragile items
  • Make sure the bottom of the box has additional tape to prevent opening when lifted
  • Wrap all fragile items individually in bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Corrugated boxes┬áthat can be closed shut are highly recommended to secure your belongings
  • Plan on using lot of strong packaging tape, labels and markers to clearly identify the content being places in various boxes
  • Try and use blank newspapers, plastics or bubble wraps to fill the empty spaces in the cartons